Thursday, 17 November 2005

Bad Santa

In the run-up to Christmas (note: not "The Holidays" as some idiots keep calling it), I can recommend a lovely, heart-warming, fluffy film called "Bad Santa".

It stars Billy-Bob Thornton as a con-man, thief and alocoholic who unwittingly befriends a small boy. It has swearing, dwarves, swearing, violence, booze and a very odd child - everything that the modern-day cynic could ever want in a Christmas film.

I suggest you should buy it now - it's awfully good:

Alternatively, sign-up for's rental service:

And, as the lovely Mel recommends it, here's the unrated "Badder Santa":

NB: If you're outside the USA, this is a region-1, NTSC DVD, so make sure you've got a multi-region DVD player and an NTSC-capable TV!


meljoy said...


Delmonti said...

Well then.... If Pete Moore AND Mel recomment it then I'll have to watch it.....

TO tell the truth.... any film with swearing AND dwarves in it will be a winner with me.

meljoy said...

If you can, rent the unrated version. "Badder Santa." OMG, I was fucking dying!! More swearing than I ever thought was possible in a movie. His fuckin (midget)... small person (the PC way to say it) is just as funny as he is!

Actually, it's not worth it to rent, BUY it. We watch it all year round. Funny ish that movie is.