Thursday, 17 November 2005


Nothing is more boring than listening to other peoples' dreams. But that's tough 'cos I had an odd dream last night and I'm going to tell you about it.

I was at a friend's funeral. Not sure whose, but he was a good friend. I was sitting in the pew when I noticed my friend Jon standing in a tiered-stand at the side of the church.

"That's a good idea", I thought, "we're his best mates. That's where we should stand". So I went and stood next to Jon.

That's when I noticed I was stark-bollock naked. If you know me, you'll know that's not a good thing.

[Although, as I looked down at my dream-self, I was less fat and hairy than the real me. Quite buff, in fact. I only needed the one hand to preserve my modesty though - dammit!]

Then all my other friends (back from university days) turned up to stand with me - including Fil who died earlier this year.

Now, I only mention this dream because of something that happened the other night. The Wife woke up to find me standing in the bedroom doorway. Again, I was stark-bollock naked. It seems I asked her why she hadn't woken me up. She calmly explained that as it was only 4am, it was a little early for work. She then asked what I was doing and I said:

"I'm standing here so everyone can see me". Or words to that effect.

After that, I went back to bed.

As far as I know, I've never sleep-walked (slept-walked?) before. But I do know I really don't have any secret exhibitionist tendencies.


chux said...

That has made me feel a little sick and unsteady on my feet. But it could be worse i've just had Dave (delmonti) in my room leaning forward whilst typing away and showing off the most disgusting display of 'builders butt' i've ever seen. Your comment about being less hairy in your dream reminded me. In the brief nanosecond of a glance he showed more hair on his back/arse than can be found on a fully grown ram. btw it was during this dreadful experience that he was sorting out the thing you mentioned on my blog.(i think he did anyway) All the best old bean and think were coming to your play sometime!!
chuckie (chux)

Delmonti said...

I used to sleep walk alot when I was a my PJ's of course. I used to go down stairs, sit infront of the tv, giggle, laugh then wander off back to my mar used to tell me.

chux said...

OMG!!!! now you're both doing it !!!! look here you weirdy beardies just sleep for gods sakes and stop worrying the world by walking around in the early hours stark boolacking naked or nearly as in Dave's case. PT i suggest you get ur misses (btw very nice i'm pleased for you dude) to strap you down at night. Dave I suggest you get Tom to do the same to you!!! which reminds me of a scene in wedding crashers which if you haven't seen it try and rent it sometime.
slaters my freaky friend