Monday, 14 November 2005

Update. Hmmm... Dates!

OK, Mr Delmonti, you're quite right - I have been very remiss in my blogging frequency lately.

[It doesn't help that I feel I can't compete with his humourous, yet moving entries.]

A few days ago, I asked my readership to give their opinion on which play Ottershaw Players should do next June. By an overwhelming majority of 2 to 1 (that's number of votes - not a ratio!) you voted for Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett.

Luckily, the play-reading committee agreed with you - so that's the play I will be directing next year. Which actually means that I need to start working out a timetable and talking to my chosen set-designer, erm, now!

In the meantime, we're putting on The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. Come along and bring the kids to see it.

I'm stage-manager; which means I'm in charge of everything from the technical rehearsal onwards (in about two weeks time). I thought I'd enjoy the job, but I haven't, very much. Things will probably change in the production week when I'll be ridiculously busy (which is what I like), but at the moment, I get a little bored with "running the book" and organising bits and pieces. I feel a bit hypocritical because, when I was last directing, I would have killed to have someone doing the job I'm doing now!

It doesn't help that I've missed more rehearsals that I'd like. I've had a stinker of a cold for the past 3 days which means I missed yesterday's run-through.

The next big task is convincing my work colleagues that they won't mind me working form home for the production week. I don't know how I'm going to get to the theatre in time otherwise...

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Delmonti said...

I'll be coming to see the Alan Bennett play.... thats for sure.

Also had to read about the blocking & ASM's and DSM's... very interesting and logical...

I once met "Digby". He runs all the Wonderstuff gigs as the Stage Manager. Not only TWS of course but has done (and doing) most of the high profile gigs in London. It was interesting watching Digby "control" the entire stage (this was last year in Dublin) and seeing Miles ask permission from Digby to do an early sound check..... Digby explained to me with a passion I've not seen many times before that HE is the one that makes an outstanding performance and not the band.... they just turn up, play their stuff and piss off. "During those 90 mins, I let them do their thing, the rest of the time that stage belongs to me"

That day in Dublin I was given a very important task by Digby, "the whole gig depends on you completing this task" he said.... "dont fuck it up"

Well, I didnt fuck it up, I returned triumphantly, head held high, the gig could now go ahead..... and one packet of tea-urn de-scaler duly handed over.