Thursday, 10 November 2005

Fruit Flies Like A Banana

Golly gosh! It's the 10th of November already, and I haven't posted here for simply yonks. I do have an excuse - for half the time, anyway. I was away working in Liverpool.

It's a very nice place. Currently lots of rebuilding going on (presumably for when the city becomes the European Capital of Culture in 2008.

The city is certainly smaller than I expected. And about as rainy as I expected. It was only the awful weather that prevented The Wife and I from exploring more fully.

Bad timing, and a lack of space in the hotel's restaurant meant that we missed the Mersey fireworks spectacular. We didn't see many of the fireworks (except for this one), but we certainly heard them.

The fireworks display meant that the city centre was practically desserted on Saturday night, which gave us the chance to grab a table at Piccolino on Cook Street.

A bit pricey (for my wallet) at around £90 for the two of us, but it was worth every penny and the meal jumped straight into the top 5 that we've ever had.

Where to avoid
: The Tate in Albert Dock. Full of modern 'art', 95% of which is pretentious bollocks.

Where to go: The Walker Gallery. Marvellous 'proper' paintings from down the ages. Even if they do have a propensity for displaying pictures of the Virgin Mary getting her boobs out.

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