Friday, 30 December 2005

Look What Happened...

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I? So, here's my review of MY year.

I played the guitar and helped arrange songs for Ottershaw Players' annual rude revue in February. Not as much fun as actually being in the show, though. I'm looking forward to the next Farrago, in March, as I'll be playing Sherlock Holmes.

March to June was spent rehearsing Les Liaisons Dangereuses, again with Ottershaw Players. Preceded by 3 months of preparation. The play was generally a critical succes, though not a financial one, unfortunately. Looking back, I think I should have got the pace picked-up somewhat, but I'm proud of how well it went. Currently, I'm planning for the production of Habeas Corpus next June.

I've now managed to keep blogging for a whole 6 months, with 1149 visitors, at time of writing - I'm not in Scaryduck's league, but I'm happy that anyone reads this with any regularity. I don't think I've left a gap of more than a week, or so. And that was when I was on honeymoon in Shanghai. And knowing that I've inspired the likes of Delmonti to start blogging makes me happy. And having 'met' new blogging acquaintances like Mel and MaryB is great.

Blimey. June was busy! I got married, for the 2nd time, to The Wife (for the 1st time). And I know that this one is for real. Kathleen makes me very happy indeed and I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world for nabbing her. And the honeymoon in Shanghai wasn't bad either!

I used up a ton of holidays going to drama school auditions and, frankly, not doing nearly well enough to get in. Good luck to some of the fantastic youngsters who I saw at the auditions, though I was also encouraged to see a few kids who weren't very good at all, so I wasn't completely living in cloud-cuckoo land. Lately I've enjoyed directing a lot more than acting. And I may have to start thinking about ways of changing careers in that direction.

A year ago I was promising myself that by this time I would not be in my current job. But I am still there. If I make no other resolutions this year I will endeavour to sort out my finances and get out of debt so that I am in a better position to make changes in my life and career.


meljoy said...

Now that sounds like a plan! The getting out of debt thing. I like hearing other people's resolutions.

As for me I don't make resolutions, I find that about halfway through the year, I either haven't achieved them, or I have forgotten them (most likely the case) so why bother?

I'll make an exeption for you. Here's my resolution: I will think of a good resolution for 2007.

Now I have a whole year to think about it and come up with one. Thanks, Pete...

Allen Thompson said...

Sounds as if 2005 was a good year for you, mate. Congratulations again on the marriage and on finding the "right" one. Tania and I have been married for twenty years now. When you find the right person with which to share your life, the hard part is done. ...of course one never knows that one has made a good choice until the choice is made. Catch-22. I'm sure I'm not saying anything new or wise here. Best wishes to the two of you for your first year and for the next 50 or so.

I've been blogging for several years now but I sometimes lose interest except when I'm particularly cheesed off. As a result, my posts end up being sporadic and angst-filled. I'm too old to be the "angry young man" and I'm too young to be the "grumpy old man," so in 2006 I'll endeavor to blog in good times as well as bad. It turns out that as many as seven people actually read my blog. Who knew?

My resolution for 2006: 1600x1200. I'll have a lot of windows open.

chux said...

Nice one dudey - I'm thinking about a top ten for 2005, maybe top 10 movie's or something. If i tried to list what i've accomplished this year I might end up crying.

I've been promising myself a change of job for about 5 years now. Believe it or not but that is more probable than my getting out of debt!!

All the best for 2006, and I promise to make it to one of your plays/shows this year, to take the piss if nothing else.