Tuesday, 27 December 2005

More Time To Kill

Researchers from the Thompsonian Institute tell us that this year will be a full ONE SECOND longer than usual.

What to do with that extra second? I think I feel a meme-tag coming on!

I will use the extra second in 2005 to do one of the following five things:

1. Blink for a little longer than usual.
2. Do the hard crossword in The Sun.
3. Debate whether it's midnight at the first or the last chime of Big Ben.
4. Take advantage in the lull to get a drink at the bar.
5. Take advantage of The Wife.

OK - now if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. Let me know what 5 thing's you will be doing with your extra time.


MaryB said...

1. Breathe in.
2. Breathe out.
3. Recite all the Britney Spears songs I like.
4. Quality time in the loo.
5. Catch up on my sleep.

Delmonti said...

1. Count to one.... starting from zero
2. Count my blessings
3. Watch my Radio clock to see if it skips a second
4. Pretend to freeze solid and stop talking in mid sentance.... for a second
5. Smile

meljoy said...

Seems like all the good ones are taken...

1. kiss whatever bloke I happen to have passed out on my sofa...
2. take an extra swig of whatever poison I'll be drinking...
3. take a picture of myself, so I'll always remember that extra second
4. I agree with counting one... staring from zero...
5. get off :-) <--- best one ever!

jomoore said...

Wah - I missed it! So you know, what I was doing with that second was wondering what happened to the fabulousness of new year in Paris. What happened? Nothing, except thousands of people saying "Where are the fireworks?" simultaneously in a number of different languages...

PT said...

We actually DID spend the extra second doing no. 3 in my list. Well, actually, we were trying to decide if the extra second was on the first or last 'bong'.

So - that was exciting!

Jo - You missed some great fireworks in London.

And anyone who watched the London fireworks in the 'flesh' - you DIDN'T miss some amazingly banal firework commentary by mannish, horse-botherer Clare Balding.