Friday, 20 January 2006


Inspired by the BBC's new Balderdash and Piffle show, I thought I'd share some new word meanings which have yet to find their way into the OED.
Irony: (adj.) The warm feeling of a nice, crisp, freshly ironed item of clothing. "Hmmm... I was freezing, but this shirt's nice and irony."

Shanty: (n.) A song which is only sung after drinking enough beer and lemonade.

Cahoot: (adj.) The call of an owl with hiccups.

Replica: (n. rare) One who slobbers on a travelling salesman, or "Rep". By extension, a prostitute or escort.

Gravitas: (adj.) The state of a person's bottom when they haven't been to the gym for several months.

Pander: (v.) To receive money from someone who wants to have sex with your large black and white Chinese bear.

Tacky: (adj.) Similar to a nail or pin.

Welfare: (n.) The price of a bus ticket to the well.

Refugee: (n.) One who hides in the dressing-room after a match because they turned down a perfectly good appeal for a penalty.

Bustard: (n.) A small bird with no father.


MaryB said...

I think "irony" can be an adjective for a smell, too. You know, that vaguely scorched, hot, cloth-y smell.

"What first alerted me to the impending disaster was that the electric blanket had an irony smell to it, and I knew it had never been ironed." (This, of course, happening just before the blanket bursts into flames.)

PT said...

Yes. I used to have an iron that gave off that irony smell.

It didn't burst into flames, but it did stop working and had scorch marks on the flex.

Allen Thompson said...

bus'tard (n.): One who rides the "special" bus.

And, yes, I'm probably going directly to hell for that one. ...on a special bus.

melissa said...

lol, cute... But yea, if a guy comes looking, and he signs JNP, or Jeremy... thats the guy... Which is why I can't sign with my regular name for a while. I dunno if he has saved any of your blogs on his pc, or whatever, you know?