Saturday, 28 January 2006

Me Bad Boy

Yes, I was very bad today.

The past few weeks I've been going down to the local Top Golf driving range. My pa, ma and sister introduced me to it.

I've played a few rounds of golf with friends before, but as I've never had a lesson I tend to lose a dozen balls before I get to the 4th tee. Golf therefore becomes just a long walk carrying a heavy bag of ironmongery.

But this Top Golf thing really makes practising your swing much more interesting. A couple of quid for 20 balls and when you hit one of the large (20 yards across) targets on the range you get points depending upon how accurate you are.

After a few weeks I was going down there on my own and playing 4 or 5 games (~100 balls) and getting more accurate all the time.

So (finally getting to the point) today I went and bought a set of clubs for myself. Yes, I know. I've got no money!

OK - they only cost £99.99. They're probably not the world's best clubs - but they're 100 times better than the old tin ones I had from Argos about 10 years ago. And when I managed to hit 8 or 10 balls around 250 yards, with the big driver, and pretty straight too, I thought that it wasn't a bad investment.

[Damn! I used to take the piss out of my boss for being a big golf fanatic. Arse!]

But - I really don't have money so I'm doing the sensible thing and selling a bunch of stuff I don't need anymore.

First, my archery gear. If my old scorebook is anything to go by I haven't shot for 5 years. I do still love the sport, but the acting and directing takes up all my time so all those times I keep saying "I really must rejoin Woking Archery Club and get shooring again" is just wishful thinking.

So down to Quicks with all my gear. My old mates Peter and Brenda work there on Saturdays. Peter runs the thriving second-hand business for my old club, so I'm sure that he'll be able to sell on my kit to someone who will make more use of it than I have.

Secondly, I've had a bunch of scuba diving gear which was used extensively on my first honeymoon, five and a half years ago, and only once more since then, about 3 years ago. So that's come out of the garage and will be out on eBay, just as soon as I'm sure it's not all been nibbled by mice.

Really, there's no reason to have warm-weather dive gear in this country. Dry-suits are what you need. And it costs a bomb to take your own gear abroad. So I'll just keep my PADI certificate and mask and fins and borrow everything else from the dive shop next time I go.


Chris said...

Yes, you are a very naughty boy!! - see you on the golf course (when it warms up a bit).

BUT you made up for it this morning by being a very good boy; showing up early and not losing your patience (much).

MaryB said...

Oh, no! I see a penchant for lime green polyester in your future! Golf, pah!

Croquet - now there's a sport. Big wooden mallets, big wooden balls, and you can knock the other guy to kingdom-come! (I'm sorry, is my aggression showing??)

Allen Thompson said...

Golf? Really? Clearly you're destined for a position in management. I'm told they go in through the nose when they perform the lobotomy. Shouldn't hurt too much. ;-)