Friday, 17 February 2006

That Friday Feeling

The fine organisation for which I work has no lack of people who can be guaranteed to ask daft questions on a regular basis. And why do unexpected requests for complicated documentation always come in late on a Friday afternoon - attached to a note mentioning that the customer needs an answer by the end of the week?

Add to this the fact that the local pub, round the corner from our office, has a new, guest beer on-tap. It's called 'Swing Low'. And it's lethal! Only 2 pints at lunchtime, and I've been useless since.

Which all means that my brain has been completely drained of all thoughts and I had no idea what I was going to write. So instead you have to put up with reading an inane ramble.

"What's new?" I hear you cry.


One delightful thing to report. You will have seen my begging letter for sponsorship on Wednesday. Well, my target of £100 was blown away in a matter of hours. The total raised (in less than 2 days) is nigh on £400, which is quite remarkable. People are so generous, it takes my breath away.

So I've raised my target to £500.

The only worry I have now is when I attempt the London to Brighton Bike Ride in June. I have a feeling that my acquaintances will be all sponsored-out and I'll have to resort to panhandling to raise the necessaries. I'm not sure what sort of deviant sexual practice panhandling actually is, but it don't sound pleasant!


MaryB said...

You're duly sponsored by Shorty PJs, despite the snotty comment to my last post! ;-) Do us proud, Ottershaw Pete!

Allen Thompson said...

Panhandling? I've never done it myself but I suspect the secret is to make sure any of the pans you handle are clean or at least have come from reputable kitchens.

Now if you intend to handle Pan, the ?god of shepherds, flocks and fornication? from Greek mythology, be careful not to catch Hermes. There's no cure, man.

Also, avoid flashing in the pan.