Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Yes. It was a little chilly.


So we got back (late - thanks BA) from Warsaw. It's a lovely little city. You can wander around the main sites in the center of town in a day, easily.

But with the average temperature at -10C while we were there (day and night) it was dead cold. But very pretty in the snow.

The mix of olde worlde middle-European architecture, with the occasional stern pieces of social realist buildings and sculpture from the Cold War period makes Warsaw a fascinating place to visit.

It also helps that even the most exclusive restaurants are affordable if you're used to the prices we pay over here!

All in all - a fantastic few days. You can see some pictures of our adventures here.

This IS a Blog you know

Yes, it is - so here's a real, live link to a web-page!

A good friend of mine has started a family-oriented site. Their idea, it seems, is to try and build a massive web-scrapbook of faces. The ultimate aim is to get 1 Million peoples' faces on board. Mosey on over to to get an early look at a site that's sure to be a big hit in the future...


MaryB said...

Gorgeous pictures, Pete! Wow! Now, go warm up, then tell us all the juicy little details about Warsaw - welcome home.

chux said...

really nice pictures dude - the accommodation looked nice. Great architecture, reminded me a little of Stockholm.