Thursday, 2 February 2006

"And Yes, Brrrr, It Is Quite Chilly For The Time Of Year"

Sorry it's been quiet of late. Been rather busy.

And it'll be quiet for a few more days yet - The Wife and I are of to Warsaw (in Poland, not the West Midlands) for a few days of freezing our extremeties and snowball fights (Hmmm... I love advocaat).

It's pretty damn chilly over there (-16C? Shit!). So I hope they sell vodka!

In other news:

In a moment of madness I agreed to Mr Estall's suggestion of taking part in some charity bike rides. The first one is in May, so I'll probably start training in, oh, May probably.

You can follow Mr Estall's Cyclopathic blog here, 'cos I won't be doing a training log or anything like that, unless something interesting happens. Like falling off and getting maimed by a big lorry.

See you next week!


meljoy said...

ooooh, I love charity bike rides!! Well they don't have them here, but if they did, I would love them!! They have "Walks for..." Like AIDS walk Philly, or Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

As far as weathe ris concerned, we have been gettign it great! so I won't complain. I haven't been out of the hous esince Friday, but it was 65 degrees, I have no idea what that is in your degres, but it's pretty flipping warm, and at this time of year it was making us sweat. If It was April it wouldn't matter, it would be that warm everyday, but yea, for January and February, holy shit. I need to do a blog on global warming...

Allen Thompson said...

So it would be safe to suggest that your bags are "Warsaw Packed"?


Thank you, I'll be here all week.

There's a big relay held here in the PNW called "Hood to Coast Relay." It's a running thing but I think there's also a bicycle equivalent. I've never participated (other than as a sponsor) because, you know, it sounds like a lot of work.