Thursday, 20 April 2006

Cor. Luvverly!

While we were staying with Martin and Tracey last weekend, we had lunch at the Globe & Rainbow in Kilndown. Fantastic food. I had liver. I love liver.

It's odd though. Loads of people detest liver. Jon spent most of the meal making gagging noises because he had to sit next to me. But I really like it. The best meal I've ever had was goose liver - on the 87th floor (I think) of the Jinmao Tower, Shanghai. Fantastic.

I also love Marmite. Which is on a lot of peoples' hate list.

But I can't stand various things that most people seem to love:
  • Tomatoes.
  • Broccoli.
  • Coronation Street.
I like spinach, green beans and mange-tout. I can't stand peas. What's that all about?

I don't like scraping the bottom of the barrel. But it seems that's what I'm doing with this post!


jomoore said...

Urgh! I hate liver. One of the best things about being pregnant was not being allowed to eat liver!

I also hate nuts. And beans. And pulses. It's a texture thing. Perhaps that's your pea problem?

I like this post - it's got me thinking about things I hate. Perhaps I'll come up with a whole long list...

Mr Estall said...

What madness is this? I LOVE liver -- it's great with bacon. And marmite. No, not liver and marmite, I mean I love marmite too. And nuts and beans and peas and sweetcorn and black pudding and mussels and anchovies and garlic and Worcester Sauce (now that stuff I REALLY LOVE!) and a whole load of other things too that I can't quite remember.

However, cooked tomatoes on a breakfast plate I can quite easily avoid for the rest of my life. Yuk.

Delmonti said...

How could you Mr Moore?

Liver and Marmite are from the Devils own arse I tell you! There are names for people like you, and I may just have to stand outside your abode and shout them in your general direction.

I shall be taking this up with my Member of Parliament.

How very dare you Mr Moore.... how very dare you!

jomoore said...

I'd vote for an anti-liver candidate...

MaryB said...

I'll remember those things if you turn up on my doorstep in NYC. Personally, I try to stay away from innards of any kind - liver, gizzards, monkey brains, etc. But I will devour the muscle of just about anything. ;-)

Have I missed the bike race thing? (Not a race, but you know what I mean.) When is it? I want to make sure I'm cheering you on from this side of the Atlantic.

chux said...

As far as marmite is concerned I have to agree with Delmonti. Emma use to eat just before kissing an unsuspecting me (just like the ad on tv) I'd retch and run. No matter how sexy she was trying to be it was that gut reaction of being kicked in the nuts!!!

I also hate peas, baked beens and tomotoes (except in a sauce, because it no longer counts and has become red stuff instead)

Liz said...

Love Marmite, peas, baked beans, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli. Hate liver, faggots (are those peculiarly Welsh?)and probably other stuff.

Allen Thompson said...

Someone -- I cannot recall who it was -- once said that God is not finished with the tomato. It's still in the larva stage.


John B said...

Pleased you found the Globe & Rainbow - good pub that one.