Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Easter Weak End

Four days off work. Yippee!

So why do I feel as knackered now as I did on Thursday? Let's examine the evidence...

Thursday evening: off to Kent to spend the evening with Jon and Martin at the pub quiz. We came 2nd! I drank 3 whole pints of beer (count them) and that's enough to get me pissed nowadays.

Friday: Stayed over at Martin and Tracey's in the very dark and quiet village of Kilndown and spent the day larking about with them, their kids Wills and Hattie, and with Jon & Lin and their new arrival, Emma.

[OK - she's not that new; she's a year old: but it's taken us FAR too long to get down there for a visit.]

Friday night: back in time to watch Sunderland hand the league champonship to Chelsea by holding United to a 0-0 draw. Bloody Mackems!

Saturday: Up early (ish) for a bike ride. 14 miles to Staines and back. But I did stop for an ice-cream at Penton Hook lock. Then back to do my accounts and get showered before The Wife's parents arrived for dinner.

Sunday: Nothing to do. A long lie-in. Spoiled by a support call from work at 6am. Balls! Then lunch at The Castle.

Sunday afternoon: a long drive in the countryside. It's official - I'm now an old man. My trilby and sticky-out ears are on order from Saga.

Monday: Up early (ish) again for another long bike ride. 23 miles this time, to Kingston and back. Walking like John Wayne for the rest of the day. Then round to mater and pater's for a spot of luncheon. Then back home to spend too much time updating the family-tree again.

Today: back to work. Bum!

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chux said...

and very nice too - think the cycling might be the reason for the knackered feeling. We just arn't built for all this exercise! I'm needing a sleep just at the thought of it.

Glad someone else had a decent weekend to though.

oh btw - cap and gloves are in the post you old git