Tuesday, 11 April 2006



I wrote about my Nan the other day. Unfortunately, she died two days later. I guess it was a blessing/release (and all those other platitudes we use to try to stop ourselves feeling upset). She turned out to have been a great deal sicker than anybody suspected when she went into hospital. And I know that we all have to go sometime, but I still think I'd prefer to pop off in my sleep, with no idea that I was even unwell.

Nan was a kind, generous person and we're all going to miss her.


The events of the past few days inspired me to start recording some family history. Nothing complicated (I thought at the time), just a record of who was who, when they were born, etc.

But our family is nothing if not complex (as, I suspect, is everyone's once you peel back the years).

I've already had an account setup at GenesReunited.co.uk - a site which you can use to record your family tree - so I logged in and started updating what was there and adding various grandparents, etc.

Trouble is, it's an addictive pastime. I seem to have spent most of my spare time over the past 3 days registering for various websites which hold census, birth, marriage and death records and scouring them for pertinent information. And the deeper you go the more you want to find out.

It really is an absorbing activity and I can understand why there's been such a surge of interest in genealogy in recent years. Nostalgia as a whole seems to be big business - and I'm not immune; I've ordered some books and software from Amazon to use when I get more time.

Mum commented that if I carried on at this rate there might be another divorce to add to the family tree, so I think I'll give it a rest for a bit and get into it again when I've finished directing Habeas Corpus.


chux said...

very sad - sorry bud!

my wifey is doing the family tree thing too, although thankfully to a lesser degreee than yourself by the sounds of it. I'm convinced i'll have convicts and murderers in my family so i think its best just left a alone.

nice blog all the best

meljoy said...

awww, i'm sorry :-( good luck with the fam tree thing

Delmonti said...

Bad days are everywhere mate. She must of been a very proud lass to have had good people like yourself around.

my family tree looks like a stump.

MaryB said...

So sorry about your Nan, PT. You and your family are in my thoughts.