Monday, 10 April 2006

Pedal Power

Training for the Thames Bridges Bike Ride continues apace.

Saturday afternoon was a lovely day, so I decided to go for a ride along the Thames towpath. My aim was to get to 6 or 7 miles before turning back.

In the end, I managed over 9 miles, before realising that this meant a round-trip of nearly 19 miles! But this mean that I did get to lovely Hampton Court Palace - with only 1 stop too!

Once at the palace, time for a quick lie-down on the grass bank overlooking the river. Very relaxing. Until I realised I was laying very close to a pile of dogshit. Yuck. So I moved and relaxed again for 10 minutes.

Heading back, the saddle sores started pinching and I realised I was riding into a strong-ish headwind. No wonder the ride out was so easy!

I also learned a lesson. Take money when you go cycling. I passed 3 pubs and 2 ice-cream vans, on a lovely warm day, while I was exercising, and I have no water bottle on the bike! I was gasping for a drink!

Never mind. A couple of stops on the way back, including a relaxing sit-down on a bench at Walton Reach, just by the temporary bridge which has been there for 40-odd years.

It made me feel good and happy that my training is back on schedule.

Photos taken on my phone - hence the shoddy quality.


chux said...

Good weekend to be out doing it bud !!

You know there is an unwritten law that states you will always sit within 12 inches of doggie doo anywhere in the UK. You'll never get away from it. If you think you have then believe me within a few mins a jack russell will pop over to say hello and crap on your rucksack and pee on your chain.

Was in Hastings on sunday and went for a nice long walk with friends. It was the weekend to get out of the house I think and to do something more energetic.

Delmonti said...

I used to do that ride every weekend... Starting from the "weybridge" in weybridge all along the tow path to Kingston and back.... fantastic it was

MaryB said...

Ah - Hampton Court Palace. One of my favorite places (and not far from Walton).

Best of luck in the bike race. I got money ridin' on ya', doncha' know!