Wednesday, 5 April 2006


Yes, I am sulking today.

We had one-to-one phone conferences with our line manager today to tell us the outcome of our pay reviews. The upshot was - I'm not getting a pay rise.

After four years working here, I've had one pay rise. Which means that next April, I'll have been here for 5 years and only had any sort of recognition (i.e. more money) once. That pay increase was just around the level of inflation (3.5%).

I applied for my job when it was based in Reading. Now, I'm based another 25 miles further away. Which is around £25 per week in extra petrol alone. All in all, I reckon I'm now over £200 per month worse off (in real terms) than when I started this job back in April 2002.

[That's £100 for travelling and about £100 as wages have not kept pace with inflation.]

The mixed signals from management don't help:

My first two years in this job I had excellent appraisals - but I didn't get a pay rise. Year 3 was really tough and I was getting pissed-off at the lack of recognition, so my performance dipped - and I got a pay rise!

What's the message here? The company that I work for values mediocrity over excellence - that's the only assumption I can make.

So this year, I've just coasted. If my colleagues are reading this, I can only apologise, but we all know it's true. I just don't care anymore. So was my mediocrity rewarded? Was it buggery! Another year without a pay rise. Result - I now care even less than I did yesterday.

I think I need a new job. With a company that gives a toss. And less than 10 miles from home.

Wish me luck...


Delmonti said...

Start selling company equipment on ebay.... no-one will miss the odd photocopier and server if its done infrequently... If you're with a named company like...well, lets just say IBM for example then you can ask for premium prices.

word of warning: Dont try and sell your company car... best thing is to swap it for something.

meljoy said...

Okay, so you have obviously not seen Office Space :-) That sytuff happens in real life you know!

I'm sorry you haven't been recognized at your job. I dunno how much that money is in pounds. But just seeing "200" makes you think...

MaryB said...

Sulk away, PT - your situation deserves a good sulk! Nothing worse than a crappy job situation. Best of luck on the job search. We'll want to know how it turns out -