Thursday, 6 April 2006

No More Whingeing!


Yesterday's post was a little bit moany, wasn't it?

Though, thanks to Delmonti-man, I've made £500 from selling our office's Xerox machine on eBay.

Anyway, I've already applied for a new job. Less than 10 miles from home. Actually, it's about 3 or 4 miles from home, so that will be nice - if I get it.

One of the main criteria in the job spec was that the applicant should be able to speak Korean.

Is that a clue to the employer?

The agency said it wasn't absolutely necessary - which is a relief.


The Thames Bridges Bike Ride is now only just over a month away. Eek!

Considering the amount of money which has been pledged on my completing the event, I'd better make sure I'm in shape for it.

I had deliberately waited until BST kicked-in before starting to train properly (not wanting to get squished by a truck in the dark, or anything). So on Saturday I managed a grand total of SEVEN (count them!) miles. And I had to stop twice to allow my jelly-quivering calves to recover.

{Next time I'll leave the trailer full of baby cattle at home; it'll be far less effort.]

Bear in mind that this Thames Bridges ride is 34 miles. I need to go 5 times further than on Saturday, and without stopping every two-and-a-half miles!

Tonight I'm aiming for 10 miles without any stops.

And if Dave ("The Silver Fox") Estall is reading this - Stop laughing, you sod!


Hooray! I managed:

10.2 miles in 51 mins 20 secs.
Ave speed 11 m.p.h.
Top speed 25 m.p.h.
Calories burned 221 (apparently).

My new bike computer is great! If only it could pedal for me too...

Oh, and I only stopped once - after about 5 miles. If you don't count having to push the bike up Brooklands Hill (it's a steep one!).

Now, if I can just do something like that
, 3 times a week, one or two miles further each time, for the next 5 weeks - I should be ready.


jomoore said...

Ooh - I know, I know! If you get it, and I get my new job, will we be work neighbours? Good luck!

And good luck with the biking. At least all the bridges are nice and flat, I suppose. Sounds like you've got an excellent training plan - makes me tired just reading it!!

PT said...


The agency said the job was in Weybridge, but the letterhead is for a division which is based closer to a large toy-making company that you may be familiar with!