Wednesday, 28 June 2006


What are we going to do today? What are we going to do tomorrow?

I'm talking about the football, of course. For the first time since 9th June, there's no World Cup footie on the telly!

But I've got into a routine (go to work; talk about yesterday's matches with the guys; sneak into the break room to watch as much of the afternoon match as possible; go home; have tea; watch the evening game; go to bed; repeat) and for the next 2 days I will feel a little lost. I guess that my Lovely Young Wife and I will have to catch up on all the stuff we've been saving up on Sky+ for the past 3 weeks. She's got about 12 hours of Eastenders to trawl through. And we've still got to catch the last episode of Prison Break and the last couple of Lost.

[Does my life revolve around TV? Yes. It does. It has done since c. 1975 and it will do for a long, long time to come.]

OK, so we only need to wait until 4pm on Friday and it all starts up again with Germany v. Argentina. 2 days of Quarter-Final action. Then there's another break until Tuesday and Wednesday (Semi-Finals). Then another break until next weekend: The Runners-Up match and the Final.

By which time excitement will either be at a hysterical fever pitch (if England manage to get that far) or the country will be plunged into a pall of gloom (er, let's face it, this is the more realistic outcome).

Though heaven knows how we're going to cope when it's finally finished. What will we do for the long six weeks until the football season proper starts up again?


Chris said...

Just think of us on Saturday Pete; Portugal v. England!! and us surrounded by Germans and Portugese!!! and not really caring who wins!!!

Delmonti said...

I dont do football.

Clare said...

I was not in the right place when Portugal beat England... Madeira... and boy, do those Portugese know how to celebrate!!