Thursday, 22 June 2006

What Would YOU Do?

I would love to be able to jack in my current job and do something else.

I've worked in the IT industry since 1988 and I'm fed up with it. Partly because I haven't really progressed much. Oh, my salary is handsome enough, but I've been doing more or less the same job for almost 20 years.

Friends and colleagues over this time have moved on to new and exciting challenges every 2 or 3 years - accumulating responsibility or new skills or moving into completely new arenas as opportunities are presented to them.

Somehow, though, those opportunities have passed me by and now I'm sick of doing the job I do.

My main reason for being unable to move is, unfortunately, debt.

For one reason and another, at the time of life that many people have almost paid off their mortgages, I find myself badly in debt and still renting. Don't get me wrong; some of the blame is definitely mine. But through a combination of bad-luck and bad-judgement I find myself wishing, most days, that the National Lottery will provide a way out.

Of course, being in-debt means that I need as much salary as possible, so I stay in my current career, because I know that a change in career will mean a huge drop in income, at least for a few years until I prove my worth in that new job.

So - for now I am unable to contemplate a move to my "dream job". Which is good because, ironically, I don't really know what that perfect job is - but here are my current thoughts on what I'd really like to do with my life:
So - unless you fancy offering me a job doing one of these things on my current salary, maybe you'd better tell me YOUR dream job instead?


Delmonti said...

Now ya see, thats the problem with being an old git. I'm in the same boat Pete. I dont really like my job, I've been in the IT industry 22 years and its had the life sucked out of it by bean counters and greed.

I'm also in debt, I'll never own my own gaff and will die in a pool of my own vomit under a bridge somewhere. Once you know how bad things will get you stop putting such importance on it and get back to rakeing in the lolly from the beanies and occasionally exposing yaself in Tescos.

ANyhow, I think you're suffering from "The Grass is always greener.." Why is it so important to have "an exciting challange" at work? Whats wrong with "I'm so bloody good at being a DBA I can do it with my eyes shut and direct a play at the same time"?

Go on, take a good bloody look around it really all that bad?

meljoy said...

My dream job? aside from being a professional sleeper, I suppose what I am currently working on is my dream job. Supposedly being a college professor is the #2 job in america. Not so much for pay kuz I think average is about $60k but you can make way more than that at the University/PhD level (which is the plan), but with all the benefits, time off, and ease of work, it's supposed to be second best. And I can't wait til the day I get to teach along side my friends!

MaryB said...

Wish I had the answer for you, buddy. I just absolutely lucked out when out of nowhere I was asked to apply for this job in New York. Never saw it coming in a million years.

So - Number 1: You never know. Something could be brewing for you even as I type.

Or not.

Or not for a while.

Not very reassuring, granted.

At least you have a "vocation" with your theatre work. I, too, thought I was stuck at the architecture firm and that I'd have to be content with my writing. Bills must be paid. (Neither of us made a dime from the Buffet-moola-giveaway, after all.)

Focus on the theatre stuff for now. Play around with graphic design. You never know where it might lead, and at least you have some outlet for your creative self.

PT said...

OK. Thanks to Dave and Mary. You ARE both right. I should be grateful for what I've got and, who knows, something good might happen on down the line.

MaryB said...

PT - don't know how things work in radio and TV over there (though I did study it somewhat when I was at Oxford years ago). Anyway, when I was a producer/writer for Turner Broadcasting and folks wanted to know how to break in to the biz, I'd ask for their contact info so that next time we had a production going on, I'd call to see if they wanted to be a (free - no pay) go-fer. Many said "no thanks," but the ones who were interested - and showed initiative, excitement, asked questions, etc., - got called back over and over. Soon they found themselves on the payroll. Much of TV/radio/graphic design stuff is on-the-job training. Anyone with a good head on his/her shoulders and a real willingness to learn can usually get a foothold here in braodcasting. Again, it may not work that way there. Still, a little creative volunteering might lead to something.

Liz said...

I would love to be a stand-up comedian. The pleasure of making people laugh (when you want them to!)is unbeatable.

Although to be a stand-up comedian, I would have to be reborn into a different personna!

PT said...

Good call Liz. Stand-Up comedian would be a good job. I've been meaning to enrol on a stand-up course for some time now...