Wednesday, 14 June 2006


The sight of Brazil's portly, lethargic, what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here?, buck-toothed striker in the game with Croatia gave My Lovely Young Wife and I some food for thought yesterday.

Was his lardy disposition caused by eating too many burgers? And if so, were they sold by a sinister looking clown called Ronaldo McDonaldinho?


Allen Thompson said...

It has come to my attention that there is some kind of major sporting event going on right now. I should look into that. ;-)

PT said...

It's probably only been reported in America because the USA was so soundly thrashed by the Czech Republic!

THe US are supposedly the 5th best team in the world at the moment. FIFA's ranking computer must be broken...!

Allen Thompson said...

Well, maybe our team thought they were supposed to play, you know, "football" and were surprised to discover that the sport was soccer. ;-)

BTW, the games are getting a goodly amount of play over here in the press.

The FIFA's ranking computer is the 5th best ranking computer in the world at the moment!


Delmonti said...

the rankings are calculated on how many international games you've played and dont take into account if the team actually won.

meljoy said...

Dude, we were at a bar at 2:55 yesterday when poland played germany, how did we know that germany would win? hmmm... good to know the world cup is as important over there as it is here :-)

and yes, we got fucking SPANKED! If what Dave says is right, then we are NOT 5th... spanked... absolutely trashed... *shakes head*

chux said...

hmmm the yankee bashing was a surprise to me too I must say. The Czech's are a great team but I didnt think the U.S would get the stuffing they did.

Isn't that the same ranking computer that said England was no.2 favourites to win the tournament? Only thing I can think of is maybe they misread ranking and used the wrong computer. But that poses another problem as although we would remain ranked 2nd the U.S that would be ranked no.1 surely?

Sorry i'm obviously suffering from too much ranking

Chris said...

Oh, is there something to do with football going on? Is that why most of the vehicles on the road are over-decorated with 'Ingerland' flags? (Which, btw, seems to indicate to a majority of their owners that they can drive like maniacs). Is that why last Saturday morning there was mayhem in the supermarkets (worse than Christmas) but a deathly hush in shops and on the roads during the afternoon? Is that why the bloke over the road sits in a darkened room with all of the windows open emitting very loud shouts and swearings every now and then? (I thought he was murdering his wife and child). Oh, yes, football, football, football.....and I'm not having any!!!

Mystic mog said...

Damn ! found out at last
Ronaldo Macdonaldo