Monday, 19 June 2006

Pass the Ointment

Hooray. Dave, Sally and I finished the London 2 Brighton Bike Ride.

We each raised a ton of money - so thanks to everyone who contributed. If you haven't done so yet, you can do so here!

According to my bike's computer (yes, I'm that much of a geek) we covered the 54 miles in around five-and-a-half hours of cycling time, at an average speed of around 9.5 m.p.h. Although, what with stopping to take on water, sun-cream, burgers and lemon-curd sandwiches at regular intervals it actually took us more like 9 hours to do the journey.

[The overall time wasn't helped by the fact that we were moving very slowly, then stationary for about 30 minutes, due to a multiple pile-up requiring the presence of at least 2 ambulances. I hope those involved weren't too badly hurt.]

The lovely Mr Estall has contributed some fine words about the journey on his blog. And I've posted some pictures yesterday, during the event - I was too knackered to take many - plus a few more that I took in Brighton today while I recuperated (and My Lovely Young Wife browsed the many shoe shops and jewellers that the town has to offer). They're all in my London 2 Brighton Set on Flickr.


Delmonti said...

Well Done.... but what now?

PT said...

Good question!

I may teach myself to play the spoons. said...

Any 2007 L2B tips for a novice!