Thursday, 8 June 2006

Quiet, isn't it?

After this week the run of Habeas Corpus will be over and I can get back to posting regularly here.

In the meantime, because I am so vain, I thought I would collect any reviews for the show in this post. I'm also posting them on my other blog, but as that one will be mothballed soon, I wanted to have them here for posterity too.

First review is in already. Of course, it might be the only review, but in case it isn't I'll add any new ones here as and when I see them.

Thanks to the lovely (but probably biased) Clare at Adventures in Amateur Dramatics for this lovely review.

Dave 'Delmonti' over at the Lobster had this to say.

Thanks to the fragrant Sandy Hurle for this contribution:
It was certainly not an amateur show! 'Twas thoroughly professional in all respects.
All members of the cast were entirely believable ... timing was good ... the script was learnt brilliantly with no missed lines (... none that I spotted anyway) and the set was stunning.
My only small criticism is that perhaps the ladies of the cast could have removed a few more items of clothing. (Just a personal, totally objective view ...).
NO, THE SHOW WAS BRILLIANT!*! WELL DONE TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU INVOLVED (Inc. The Director ... whoever that might be!).

If you're a masochist, you can also see many, many pictures of the show at Ian Olsson's website.

The report is also in from our NODA rep. It's too long to reproduce here, but you can see it over on the Habeas Corpus blog.


Delmonti said...

Here we go.....

NOpe I cant do it just yet, I need to ponder and come up with something to fit the quality of what I experienced last night.... I'll be back

Delmonti said...

There ya go.....

the permissive society

jomoore said...

Congratulations, PT! I'm very much looking forward to seeing it tonight...

Chris said...

I wish now that I'd thought to have a 'comments' book for people to write what they thought for you to see.

Last night was exceptionally good; almost EVERYONE had genuine, complimentary things to say and the most used words that I heard were things like 'fantastic', 'professional' (very important), 'marvellous' and so on. Well done, Pete, those words are due to you.