Monday, 11 September 2006

Will They Have Kids?

Hmmm... A Sudanese man has been forced to marry a goat.

This is an interesting story as it closely mirrors the reasons for my own first marriage.


Delmonti said...

Very good title there...

I dont think the best thing to do if you find someone having sex with your goat would be to tie them up..... If you're perverted enought to have it away with a goat then getting tied up afterwards would just be a bonus.... wouldnt it?

PS: Pete, there's no such thing as a ginger goat

Chris said...

And nobody forced you to anyway

chux said...

You got tied up and taken to the elders too eh? That answers a lot of questions. The Dowry cost a lot more though I bet, wasn't really value for money was it. :-)

MaryB said...

Really. The guy could do worse. As could the goat.

Reminds me of that scene with Gene Wilder in Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex." Wilder had a thing for sheep, I seem to remember. And he ends up a sad old thing, drinking Woolite in a corner.

At least this Sudanese guy can have all the milk and cheese (and sex) he wants until he's ready for a goat-sandwich.