Tuesday, 19 September 2006

You've Got To Be Crazy...

We spent the weekend entertaining Al from Seattle.

Al is an old friend of my Lovely Young Wife. They met in Moscow. The circumstances aren't fully known to me, but I believe that lots of vodka, a bad covers band and some very scary Russian mafiosi may have been involved.

He runs his own company, GreenBuddy, selling a cool little golf tool. He says he's doing "okay", but I reckon he's a multi-millionaire and just likes slumming it with us regular folks!

Windsor Great Park

We spent part of Sunday in Windsor Great Park. It's pretty and you can see the castle, but my real reason for reproducing the picture above is for Delmonti's comment. Click above to be amused.

On Monday we went looking for a vintage drum shop on Lavendar Hill in London. We ended up parking pretty close to Battersea Power Station. This is one of my favourite London landmarks, and as both Al and I are huge Pink Floyd fans so we explored the area for a while.

When I got home I decided that I had to pay my own tribute to Animals. It's a much under-rated album.

Pig On The Wing

Have I done the album cover justice? I hope to
hear from Storm Thorgerson pretty soon, offering me a job...

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