Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Cracking Cheese, Gromit.

Things to do on a Summer Holiday in Wensleydale

1. Rent a lovely little cottage in the gorgeous viilage of Middleham. It's the home of lots of prestigious racing stables so you see many racehorses and those tiny, wee people who ride about on them.

2. Don't go when it's going to rain for a week. It's fantastic countryside, but it would be improved by being dry.

3. Do make sure you go in mid-August so you can see the Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival. We stumbled upon it by accident while driving around and wish we'd had time to stop and take a look at all the superb scarecrow scenes.

4. Don't run out of money only 2 days into your week. It makes it difficult to do anything and the plans for eating in all the posh local restaurants were somewhat scuppered. Not to mention the fear of running out of petrol and being stranded in North Yorkshire.

5. Take your camera. There's lots to see. Middleham Castle was fantastic, as was Bolton Castle. And Fountains Abbey. I'm sure there's more we could have seen but for the weather and the lack of cash.

6. Try the beer. Nearby Masham is home to the Theakstons and Black Sheep Breweries. Tasty!

7. Try the food. A trip to Betty's Tea Rooms in Harrogate is a must, especially for their Yorkshire curd tart. Luvverly. And there are some fantastic restaurants all
over North Yorkshire. They're not as cheap as you'd expect though!

8. Walking boots.
And a map. Take them and use them - you'll find some fantastic hidden places.


MaryB said...

Color me jealous! Thanks for the travel tips - I hope to take advantage of them someday. Mmmmm. Cheese.

jomoore said...

Ooh - it looks just lovely. What a shame about the rain and the money. :(

(And, I love the new look...)

chux said...

yer cost put me off !! How can you run out of money in 2 days?? Is Yorkshire now part of Norway or Denmark to be so expensive?

meljoy said...

omg, fucking awesome!! I really need to post my wissahickon pics... they look something liek these and I love these pics!