Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Desert Island Dicks

Five people named Richard who I'd happily tolerate on my desert island:
Who would your Desert Island Dicks be?


chux said...

ha ha i'm first!!!
1.) Dick Van Dyke (to laugh at his cockney accent)
2.) Dick Emery (oh you are awful but he was funny)
3.) Ricky Tomlins (my arse - great take and perspective on life)
4.) Ricky Gervasse (spelling?) any way so he can get a lesson on being funny from the other Dicks
5.) Richard Patterson (because he's MAD and he could keep the animals and nasty natives away. Also he's quite good at catching mosquitos with his tongue.

nice one

PT said...

Patterson! How could I have forgotten him! OK - he's in my list instead of Clayderman.

[This will mean nothing unless you worked at the UK Sequent IT Dept before 2000-ish.]

MaryB said...

I can't think of any Dicks I'd want on my island. (And I could go 'way south taste-wise here, but I won't. You're welcome.)

But here are the Dicks I wouldn't want on my island:
1. Dick Cheney - oooooooooh, scary.
2. Richard Nixon - dead, so less scary than #1.
3. Rick James - supa-freak; still not as scary as #1.
4. Lionel Richie - OK, so he's not an official "Dick," but I'd blow my brains out if I had to listen to "All Night Long" incessantly on an island.
5. Richard Gere - Scientology-hell

PT said...

Mary - well done, you resisted the temptation to lower the tone.

I'm actually amazed we've got this far without at least one person getting filthy...

jomoore said...

Hmm... Interesting...

I'm like Mary - I can't think of Richards I like either. So I'll stick with those I'd banish:-

Richard Branson - though he probably owns the island, so I'll have to be nice to him.

Richard Madeley - 'nuff said for the Brits. And if you don't know him, just take it from me that he's the most annoying person in the world ever.

Richard Dreyfuss - evidently he's a manic depressive, and there'll only be room for one of us to be intense...

Richard Briers - I bet he's secretly a real meanie.

Ricky from EastEnders (I'm struggling here...)

MaryB said...

You guys are up too late! Sheesh! ;-)

And I agree re: Richard Dreyfuss.

Liz said...

Hi PT, hope you don't mind but I've copied this idea on my blog!

Any money I make from it I will, of course, keep to myself.

Cllr Richard McKenzie said...

As a Richard I am concerned that there seems tobe more Richard's who you wouldn't have on a desert island, what is it about us. I think that i will set up a new society called, "save the dick" we could have a large Hyde Park gig called "Dick Aid" and a running event called I ran the Dick - Quick nurse the screens................... Lots of Love McDick of the Glen