Friday, 8 December 2006

"I Heard A Rumour"

News from earlier this week that I missed before. Apparently Bananarama have staged a coup d'etat in Fiji.

I know they haven't had a hit for quite some time, but this is not an unprecedented way to get back in the headlines.

The last lightweight 80's pop group to take-over a country was Hue & Cry. The Kane brothers' attempt to establish a unitary, presidential, directly-elected government in Burkina Faso in 1987 was ultimately successful, though their "inside man" and puppet leader, Blaise Compaore, took the credit for the coup, and indeed is still president, ruling from Ouagadougou today.

As such, Hue & Cry did not make news headlines and are now remembered more for their hit "Labour of Love", which chronicled their African excursion.

More recently, of course, Amazulu and Strawberry Switchblade joined forces to bring peace to the previously war-torn Isle of Mull. When Anne-Marie Ruddock was elected as chieftan of the island for the 5th time last year she became the longest serving female head-of-state in modern history.


Chris said...

Do you know, I've no idea what you're talking about! The only names I recognise are Bananarama and Fiji, but necessarily in connection with one another.

Chris said...

That should be 'NOT necessarily in connection with one another'