Tuesday, 12 December 2006

New Jobs for Old...

Alan Pardew was sacked from his job as West Ham manager yesterday morning.

Within hours I was offered a new job!


Well, yes, it was a coincidence actually.

I have bitched and moaned about my job many times before. But, in 4-6 weeks I will be leaving to "pursue interests elsewhere" as they say.

I won't tell you who I'm going to work for. Let's just say they have an interest in fruit and Mr Dawson's online identity could be a big clue!


MaryB said...

I, for one, am terribly curious. (And besides that, I'd like to know about your new job prospects. Ba-dum-bum.)

delmonti said...

wow.... excellent there fella.

chux said...

watch this space eh?! very mysterious.

I havent had a nose here for a couple of weeks with holidays and the like but you seem to have hit a spot of form again fella - fantastic - and well over due!!