Thursday, 21 December 2006

It's All Happening

Time to expand on the brief note in my last post, which seems a long time ago now.

Yes, I've found a new job! I'll be working for one of the world's premier fruit and produce manufacturers and distributors. Not that I'll be doing anything fructous myself; I'll still be looking after databases.

But I'm sure that the chance to sample the odd peach segment may present itself.

So, it's more money for doing work that appears to be less arduous, but more interesting, and with the chance to expand my skillset into more report-writing. And it's only 5 miles from home, instead of 50. Fantastic!

So it's ironic that my other big piece of news is that it looks like we are buying a house in Aldershot. It's nowhere near as difficult to get to work from there as it is at present, but it won't be the "just around the corner" that I envisaged when I interviewed for the new job.

Fingers crossed that the mortgage application, surveys, conveyancing, etc, etc, all goes smoothly... Though the vendors have no chain and neither do we, so that bodes well.

Looks like January and Feburary are going to be pretty busy!


Chris said...

Hip, hip, hip.............HOORAY!!!

Clare said...

well done Pete!! As you may know I've moved home now, so all change, all round! When is everything kicking off for Wives? x

meljoy said...

well congrats on you getting a new/different job! and good luck on getting your new house n such!

MaryB said...

Yea, You! (Sorry I'm just catching up with things, but I've been pretty darn busy meself.)

Glad to hear about the new job and the new (fingers-crossed) digs.

Hope you had a great Christmas. Yes, the next coupla months'll be busy for you. Feel free to vent here.

Again, Yea!

chux said...

Bud with the reference i've just given you I think you must owe me 10% of your salary! :)

All the best and i'm sure it wont be long before we cross paths again matey.

Well done that man!!

btw - its about time you came over to see my latest post - just a gentle reminder before i send the boys around