Friday, 26 May 2006

Busy Busy Busy

It's still all go in our household.


Only 3 weeks to go to the London 2 Brighton Bike Ride. So if you haven't sponsored me yet, you've still got time!

Unfortunately, it's been raining pretty heavily and almost constantly since the last time I was out on the bike, nearly 3 weeks ago, so I haven't had a chance to do any extra training for the extra mileage that the Brighton ride entails.

Luckily the weather seems to have broken, so I'm going to need to get out a couple of times this weekend and make up for some lost time.


And rehearsals are continuing apace. Less than 2 weeks to go now until the play opens (7th June, since you ask) and while you can find more details over here I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that it's all going really well. BUY TICKETS! All we need to do now BUY TICKETS! is cross our fingers and hope that our subliminal BUY TICKETS! advertising BUY TICKETS! brings in some extra tickets.


Tonight sees the wake for the FantasyFilmLeague. In about 20 minutes, as it happens. I wasn't in at the beginning, but I enjoyed writing film review (from DVDs mainly) and getting up at 4.30am on Saturday mornings to appear on the David Lawrence Show and expose my awful lack of knowledge about films. I think that if only we'd got paid for it we would still be doing it to this very day. Ho hum!

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Dan Brown? Pah!

I've stumbled upon an enromous conspiracy, of global proportions. Check out the evidence:

Moon River.

The Pink Panther.
Peter Gunn.
A Shot In The Dark.

All songs by famed American songwriter, Henry Mancini.

But take the right words from these song titles and you get the following anagram:

'Thrive or Top-Rank, prankish demon.'

This, surely, can only refer to the huge number of cinemas which became Bingo Halls in the 1960s and 1970s.

Obviously, the US tunesmith owned shares in the fledgling Bingo industry and used his string-heavy arrangements to drive audiences away from the movies.

I know I must be onto something, so later this week I'll be flying to LA to talk to Burt Bacharach. He says he knows something, and I need to get the information from him before he talks to the mute, albino orchestrator (Andre Previn).

I'm taking the precaution of putting all I know in a manuscript, safe in a bank vault, in case I don't come back. You'll recognise it by the beige cover with the title in Times New Roman:

The Mancini Code

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Done it!

Yes, as you'll have seen from the pictures I blogged today, I managed to complete the Thames Bridges ride.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I managed to raise something in the region of £750 for the Stroke Association.

A marvellous effort from everyone who contributed. Thank you all very much.

Thames Bridges Bike Ride 4

Thames Bridges Ride 4

Sally and Dave - my riding companions for the day.

Thames Bridges Bike Ride 3

The other view from the start line. City Hall.

Thames Bridges Bike Ride 2

This is the view from the start line. Tower Bridge! Just to prove I did get to the start and I didn't just catch the train to Kingston.

Thames Bridges Bike Ride 1

On the train, on the way up to London for the start of the ride.

Note how the orange train livery matches my bike's.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006


Apparently my Blogger template wasn't displaying properly in Internet Explorer (it was fine in Mozilla/Firefox). Mum let me know earlier, so I've changed the template. Hopefully everyone should be able to see it all now...

Why Oh Why?

The government argues that speed cameras reduce accidents and reduce the number of drivers who break the law by speeding.

If that's true, why don't they introduce serial-killer cameras? Eh? Eh?

Because it doesn't bring in enough cash to the left-wing councils, that's why!

Cash that they spend on intrusive and ugly CCTV cameras, spoiling our lovely towns. How dare they! Why can't they spend the money on crime prevention instead?

They should spend the money on more policemen to go out and arrest hoodie-wearing ASBO kids.

But we pay their wages so they'd better not arrest us as we drive our barely-one-quarter-occupied, enormous 4x4s round residential streets at 45mph. Anyway we wouldn't have to drive our brats the 1.3 miles to school if the roads weren't so dangerous.

Only last Christmas my husband (who's something big in the City) saw a film about a central-European immigrant gypsy in a brightly painted vehicle who snatched children off the streets with the promise of sweets.

If Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang teaches us anything, it's that we have to drown all these asylum seekers at birth!

Oh, hello nurse. Is that my medicine?

This message was sponsored by the Daily Mail]

Monday, 8 May 2006

You again?!

Two blog entries in one day? Has the world gone mad?


Actually, I've just set-up the online sponsorship form for my 2nd charity bike ride of the year.

London 2 Brighton 2006 on Sunday 18th June.

This is the long one (for me). 60-odd miles from Clapham Common to Brighton, via some pretty villages, the North Downs, some busy roads, the South Downs, several pubs (hmmm...) and the fearsome Ditchling Beacon - the largest hill north of the Matterhorn. Apparently.

If anyone reading this would like to sponsor me, it's all for a worthy cause (British Heart Foundation). You've probably already donated to my Thames Bridges ride this coming Sunday and if so, you're excused. Everyone else - please dig deep. I need the encouragement of knowing that people are spending hard cash if I'm going to be going on 50-mile training rides in the coming 6 or 7 weeks...

So, please click on the link above, or over there (-->) in the sidebar.

Thank you!


Apologies for the paucity of posts of late. The play seems to be taking up quite a lot of my time.

And when I'm not busy doing that, I'm out on my bike training for the first of my two charity bike rides this summer.

Last Saturday I managed a creditable 29 miles. The ride itself is 32 miles, so I'm now confident I will manage it quite easily.

And this gives me a chance to introduce one of my favourite websites. It's the GMap Pedometer. Designed around the Google Maps API, it allows you to manually work out a cycling or walking route by double-clicking way-points on the map. Much better than using Google Maps own direction-finding software (or any other for that matter) as they all cater for car journeys only. With this website, you can wander off down footpaths or across fields, as you see fit.

And you can save your route as a link. Here's my route from the weekend:

Friday, 5 May 2006


Here are some questions that have been puzzling me this week:
  • Why is the weather lovely each day when we're at work, but it pisses with rain at the weekend when we want to go out, cut the grass, hang the washing on the line, etc?

  • Why am I able to get up in time to get to work for an early start (8am), but I always leave too late when I'm working the late shift (from 10am)?

  • Why do window-cleaners put their cards through the door, touting for business, but when you ask them to clean your windows they never show up?

  • Why are recruiment consultants deceitful, two-faced, workshy bastards?