Sunday, 14 January 2007

I'm Cross Now

OK - so I haven't been around for a while and my Mum told me off for not blogging recently. I've been busy - I can't help it. I'm about to change jobs, so I've got to write down everything I know about my old one because they won't be able to cope without me.

[That's not arrogance - it's a plain fact: I'm going to steal the keys to all the filing cabinets and change all the database passwords without telling anyone!]

And we're sorting out our new house and I'm in pre-production on our new play.

So it's all been a bit hectic.

Anyway, tonight we get back from a lovely Chinese meal with Ma & Pa (a thank you for helping us with various household tasks today, plus another 40-odd years of parenting) and as we're walking home we notice the lovely clear skies so I decided to take some astro-photos with my shiny new camera.

All is going well and we keep noticing some lovely red stars. Are they stars? Or is it Mars? Let's look it up...

Only Mars is below the horizon at the moment. And when we look closer, the red 'star' is in exactly the same place on every single bloody picture! Which can only mean that my nice, shiny, new, expensive camera has a faulty pixel in the bloody sensor. Arse!

So along with all the other busy-ness, I now have to take it back to the shop and persuade them to swap it out for a new one...


Anyway - phantom star apart - I'm pretty happy with the pictures. Check out the one of Leo. I managed to catch a real planet on that one.

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jomoore said...

Then I expect the news about your jump leads was the final straw!