Tuesday, 30 January 2007


I know I don't post as often as I should, or as often as I used to, but it was only when looking at some numbers for the amount of posts I've made over the past 18 months that I realised how lax I'd been lately.

Below is a table which shows, for each month, the number of posts I made in that month, and a rolling 3-month average (i.e. the average for that month and the two previous months).

Month Entries 3 Month Ave
Jun-05 12 12.00
Jul-05 14 13.00
Aug-05 12 12.67
Sep-05 16 14.00
Oct-05 14 14.00
Nov-05 11 13.67
Dec-05 15 13.33
Jan-06 6 10.67
Feb-06 8 9.67
Mar-06 6 6.67
Apr-06 9 7.67
May-06 12 9.00
Jun-06 10 10.33
Jul-06 8 10.00
Aug-06 3 7.00
Sep-06 8 6.33
Oct-06 6 5.67
Nov-06 1 5.00
Dec-06 6 4.33
Jan-07 6 4.33

It's quite shocking!

For the first 6 months I managed to keep up around 13 or 14 posts a month. That's 3 per week. Recently, I've struggled to do 1 a week. And last November was a shocker, with only 1 post in the whole month.

So - I really need to do something about this. I've got the new blog for "Merry Wives" which I mentioned yesterday, but I also need to find other interesting things to write about.

Suggestions gratefully received!


Chris said...

Can't suggest anything 'cos I have enough trouble thinking up interesting things for myself. But whatever you come up with please don't make it statistics,tables, lists of numbers, averages, etc., etc. Otherwise we'll have to start calling you 'Alan'.

Clare said...

I am guilty of list making at the moment, and am similarly stuck for exciting news. Maybe it's the time of year...