Thursday, 22 February 2007

You Won't Get Rid Of Me That Easily...


I'm still here. I'm still reading YOUR blog. Thanks for posting away so diligently while I've been sat here quiet as a church moose.

[They stand in the vestibule and you hang your hats on their antlers...]

Sorry I haven't commented recently - my new job's too busy to while away as much time coming up with snide remarks to leave scattered around the blogosphere.

Sorry I haven't posted recently - see my excuse above. And we're caught in the whirlwind of moving house in (tick, tock, tick, tock: "Jack Bauer's having a bad day!") only 3 weeks time. Add the play I'm directing (rehearsals start on Sunday - "what happened to Merry Wives of Windsor?" Don't ask!) and it's all a bit mental.

Sorry we haven't spoken for so long - recently I seem to manage to catch up with a maximum of 7 friends per year. If I keep going with a strict rotation I'll be able to get around to you in, ooh, 2009?

Sorry I didn't send a birthday card - that's especially for Delmonti and Councillor Mac, whose special day it is today.

Sorry about the state of the world... Oh! That one's NOT my fault. Cool!

Tock follows tick follows tock. And the farmers wife chopped off their tails with a carving knife. Ah! Guinness!


Allen said...

I was with you until you tried to disavow your part in the sorry state of the world.

Congratulations on the new job, the new house, the new play and... just who the heck are you again? It's as if you're all new!

Delmonti said...

Apparently, I'm also moving in 3 weeks.... but not into your house, I hope.