Thursday, 10 May 2007

On Me Bike

I just realised that I promised regular updates about my training schedule for the London Bridges Bike Ride.

Hmmm... Well. "Training" would be the wrong word for it.

More like "irregular jaunts around the Hampshire/Surrey borders" would be more accurate.

On the negative side, I haven't done anywhere near enough miles to be able to complete my ride comfortably. I therefore expect to be very sore on Monday morning!

On the positive side, I've discovered some lovely countryside on my doorstep, which has encouraged me to get out on my bike more throughout the summer.

On the double-positive side, I've done more training than Cyclopathic Dave. Now he's really going to be sore!


Mr Estall said...

Ah yes but I do have in my advantage... er... oh bugger.

Nope, you're right, it's gonna hurt.

Remember, 7.30 on Sunday. I've been told Sundays do start that early, although I'll believe when I see it.

Oh, one more thing;

PT said...

I'm going to start rubbing 'tiger balm' into my nether regions now. Just so I'm used to the pain by 10am on Sunday...

jomoore said...

Good luck on Sunday, PT!

I'll be thinking of you at 7.30 on Sunday morning. Well... maybe, I'll think of you Saturday evening so I can have a lie-in... ;)

But I will be trying very hard not to think of the tiger balm...