Monday, 21 May 2007


Well - I did it. Again. The London Bridges Bike Ride, that is.

Sorry that it's taken me a week to write about it, but (as usual) it's been hectic here!

So, we (me, David, Sally and Becks, Sally's daughter) set off from City Hall at around 10am. Four hours later (though only 3hrs 20mins of cycling time) we arrived at Hurst Park. There's a map of the route at my Sanoodi page.

Despite the lack of training, we finished somewhat faster than last year. Probably because instead of being sunny and warm, it was very rainy and cold, so we weren't inclined to sit still for too long.

Despite the foul weather, this was, again, a most enjoyable ride. I sensibly remembered to wear contact lenses, rather than my usual glasses, so the rain didn't prevent me from seeing where I was going. This, I now realise, is the main reason why I hate wet weather so much. I should wear my contacts more often!

There are some incredibly flattering pictures over at David's website here.

And if you still want to sponsor us, you can click the link at the top of this entry, or the pretty graph over on the right.

There's a 55-mile ride around Hampshire in September in aid of "Make-A-Wish". When the memory of the aches has disappeared, I'm sure we'll be applying for it - and this time we'd better train!


jomoore said...

Well done, PT!

Sorry I wasn't there for the finish, but I had some, er, emergency, er, staying dry to do... :)

Delmonti said...

well done there fella.