Thursday, 17 May 2007


Blimey. How much do I rely on my PC at home? Quite a lot, it turns out.

It started behaving abnormally and crashing the other day. Looked like a problem with either Windows XP or with the disk. So I tried repairing XP, which failed because the disk was having problems, leaving my installation ever so slightly knackered.

So, I had to try re-installing XP from scratch. Luckily I managed to keep it up long enough (stop it!) to back it up, but the re-install failed as the system disk was unable to format. Kaput!

Righty-ho. Off to PC world today to buy a new disk. Mission accomplished! And I found a 400Gb external USB2.0 hard drive for £85. Now that's a bargain.

So now I'm looking forward to endless hours re-installing Windows (again) and all the network (and IDE and AGP and CPU and video) drivers, and downloading all the service packs and patches and re-installing all my software and then restoring all my (our!) data.

God, I hope that backup worked...

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jomoore said...

I had something similar on Thomas's computer the other week. But the wonderful people at Dell got it all fixed. (In fact, it was just a software problem, and they sent me a pile of disks so that I could repair Windows.)

But PCs are like cars, aren't they? Great when they're working, but a huge pain in the neck when they go wrong...