Friday, 3 August 2007


Brockham Fireworks 16

The other day I realised that I've been blogging for over two years now. And it's not the only anniversary that the summer brings.

Two years ago MLYW and I had just got back from our honeymoon in Shanghai.

Two years ago I was thinking of a new play to direct after having done Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Two years ago I was looking forward (sort of) to my last birthday in my thirties.

Two years ago I was about to go to NODA Summer School for the third time.

This time of year always makes me realise how much more quickly time shoots past as one gets older. But I also look back over the past two years and wonder how much has changed in my life.

We've bought a new house which is slowly being tidied, re-organised and decorated and I've changed jobs (but not careers, unfortunately) - though I really miss the guys I used to work with.

Overall, I'm really quite happy and more or less contented with my lot. I could be fitter, but the regular bike rides are pushing me in the right direction. So I think that those feelings of not doing enough new things are probably just the usual middle-age uncertainties that everyone is plagued by.

Certainly MLYW would say that I do lots of things and that I'm not at home enough for her. And she may be right -- when I have a hobby or an interest, I tend to devote all my resources to it and find it hard to say "no" to people.

So the chances of taking that photography class, or signing up for guitar lessons, are pretty slim while I keep devoting all my time to local drama and not enough time to re-painting the living room, or fixing the shower!

That's another reason for winning the lottery: there's not enough time to do all these leisure activities when you have to work for a living!

Tomorrow I'm off to Loughborough for a week, taking a class in 'Contemporary Drama' at this year's NODA Summer School. No doubt when I return I will be bursting with even more ideas for productions with Ottershaw Players. I will also be completely knackered after a week of hard work during the days and too much cider in the evenings. If you're the religious type you may want to say a prayer for my liver.

See you all next Saturday!


Delmonti said...

The liver is evil and needs to be punished.

PT said...

Then my liver will receive its punishment like a man. Well... Like a liver actually...

MaryB said...

Happy anniversaries, pt! I'm coming up on my second blog-iversary this coming Friday. You're right - a lot has happened in those two years. Congratulations!

D said...

Pete You've come a long way in those last two years and it's lovely to see. It would just be great if the lottery came up - I still play your numbers for you by the way. Hope the course is all you hoped i know they usually are which is why I always made sure you could get the time off. I think the guys miss you too but only probably because they loved the great customer care you gave after you'd put the phone down.

Clare said...

I have left a present for you at my blog - I hope NODA was fun!