Wednesday, 1 August 2007


...I Won The Lottery

That's what this game is called. Let's imagine there was a rollover one week and you won £10,000,000 ($20m) on the lottery, tax-free. What would you do with the money? You need to tell me 5 things. And if you DO ever win, we'll be checking up on you to make sure you do what you say you'd do!

1. Sort out the accommodation. Specifically, pay off the mortgage; buy somewhere new to live in our ideal location; completely refurbish the old house and rent it out to provide an income 'just in case'.

2. Buy a new car for me, plus one for my Lovely Young Wife to learn to drive in.

3. Give close friends and family enough dosh to make their lives more comfortable.

4. Spend some time travelling the world. On the list of places to see is: India, Iceland, Costa Rica, diving in the Red Sea, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Mongolia, China, Russia.

5. Buy or build a small theatre and run it as a resource for amateur theatre companies.


Lawrence said...

I tell you what I'd do, man. Two chicks at the same time. Chicks dig dudes with a lot of money and if I had $20 million, I could probably hook something like that up.

PT said...

Why stop at two. With that sort of money you could be Heff for the day...

MaryB said...

1. Buy a little NY apartment of my own, say $2 million. (And it would have to be small or I wouldn't have any money left over to do the rest of the stuff I want.)
2. Spread the wealth (say $5 million or so)- to my daughter, my brother and sister, and step-daughters.
3. Spread the wealth (say $3 million) to my church and favorite charities, establish some kind of on-going legacy/endowment.
4. Sock away/invest $8 million mo' or less, because I ain't gettin' any younger.
5. Buy some clothes. Travel. Secure a small but comfortable little get-away place in New England or North Carolina to share with family and friends who need a little space. Become a silent investor for a struggling but wonderful little independent bookstore. (Think that about wraps up the remaining $2 million, right?)