Monday, 13 August 2007

Bike Ride 20070813

Less than a month to go until my (gulp!) 55 mile charity bike ride, so after the excess of last week (hey, it's only red wine!) I thought I'd better jump back on the saddle.

And as my last ride before NODA turned a little dodgy (I was aiming for 14 miles, but got lost and did over 20. It hurt!) it's probably not a bad idea to start recording my distances, times, etc.

Tonight, a favourite route along the Blackwater Valley Path. Nice and flat, which is nice after a short lay-off, but when the sun goes down there are thousands of midges. I have a feeling my face will be bitten to buggery. Mental note: buy a bandana...

My average speed was a bit slow. I want to get up to around 13 or 14 mph average on the flat. Otherwise I'm going to be a bit too slow on the hilly course that we'll be riding.

Time - 1:29:39
Distance - 15.61 miles
Ave - 10.1 mph
Max - 21.3 mph

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