Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Number Ones: Part 5 - The Noughties

As I'm forty-one years old in 2 days (you can see my Amazon Wishlist if you want to buy me a pressie!) I thought I'd take a look back at the songs which were number one in the UK chart each year on my birthday.

Today it's the turn of the 2000's. Or the Noughties. Or whatever you call them. I don't think we've reached a consenus on what to call this decade yet, have we?

The defining feature of this decade is that, in the main, we've had more and more songs reaching number one as the average stay at the top shrinks down to only one or two weeks. Though this trend seems to have reversed very recently. Somehow, the fact that downloads are counted in the chart seems to mean we're getting songs at number one for 5 or 6 weeks at a time again.

I've got a horrible feeling that all these songs will either be awful, or I won't recognise them. Let's see what's in store...

2000: Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor - "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)"
August 20 for 1 week

Hooray! A song I know. And like. Yes indeedy. One of the few that would stand a chance of getting me on the dancefloor sober.

2001: Five - "Let's Dance"
August 19 for 2 weeks

Nope. Sorry. Drawn a blank on this one. Which at least is preferable to Bob The Builder who was number one two weeks after my birthday.

2002: Sugababes - "Round Round"
August 18 for 1 week

Errr... Well, I've heard of the group, at least, but the song escapes me.

2003: Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul - "Breathe"
August 3 for 4 weeks

Crikey! I've never even heard of "Blu Cantrell". Blu? Is that a real name? Is it related to Blu-Tac in any way?

2004: Natasha Bedingfield - "These Words"
August 22 for 2 weeks

"These Words" presumably being "bugger off and leave us alone, Natasha".

2005: McFly - "I'll Be OK"
August 21 for 1 week

You won't be OK for long if you keep singing your pretend rock/punk pop rubbish at me.

2006: Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean - "Hips Don't Lie"
July 30 for 4 weeks

Shakira. Sexy lady. But a bit thick. No, hips don't lie. Because hips can't speak. Duh!

2007 : Kanye West - "Stronger"
August 19 for 1 week so far

He's been all over the TV and radio in the past couple of weeks to get his first UK number one. And he's done it. Well done Kanye. I still haven't heard the song myself. And it's going to stay that way!


Clare said...

"These Words" annoys me intensely because she pronounces "hyperbole" as hyper-bowl....
I've not heard of most of those songs, which I don't understand as I have been alive for the whole century!!

Chris said...

D'you know........ I just don't care. I've heard of a couple of the artistes - but the songs??? Afraid not.