Monday, 10 September 2007

Books Books Books Books Books

Do you see those buttons over there? On the left. The ones entitled "currently reading" which link to Amazon ads for the books in question?

Well, I have to come clean. They're a bit of a fraud. Not a total fraud. Just a little bit of one.

In theory, I am reading those books. Trouble is, I started some time ago ("Calamity Physics" in August; "Book of Dave" back at Easter!). I was enjoying them OK. And they both seem like entertaining books which I ought to try to finish.

But, like lots of you out there, I do tend to read 3 or 4 books at once. So sometimes it's easier to concentrate on pulpy crime fiction, or Stephen King's latest, or a play (or ten), rather than putting in the effort to finish the more erudite novels.

[Oh, no, that's wrong. I've just implied that Mr King isn't erudite. That's not true. I do think that he is one of the best writers that ever lived. And I really hate the snobbery from "literary circles" which denigrate his work because it happens to be popular. No - he was just in the list because his books are easier to read than those on my "Currently Reading" list.]

Where was I?

Oh, yes. So, those books there. Over THERE! Those are reserved for my long-term reading projects, as I tend to polish off the intervening ones in a day or two. Three at the most. And it hardly seems worth amending the blog template for that, does it?


Delmonti said...

King has a trigger that makes me lob his book(s) into the bin.... Whenever he wanders off in a tangent for no other reason than to waste my time.

PT said...