Sunday, 30 September 2007


I've been doing theatrical things this weekend.

New Shed

Yesterday I was helping Alan and Peter with fitting out our brand new shed. Ottershaw Players have had their Hut for many years now. For a long time it was the primary rehearsal venue, as well as a workshop and storeroom.

But recently it's been getting more and more crowded with scenery, props and other junk. So we decided to buy a big new shed in which to store much of the stuff that doesn't get used too often.

This evening I went to see the dress rehearsal of Charity Begins... which is the show we are entering for this year's Woking Drama Festival. The actual performances start this coming Tuesday and Ottershaw are first on. From tonight's rehearsal I think we're getting the Festival off to a good start, but I'll post full reviews of all the festival shows here as the days go by.

Woking Festival Tech

Later on in the evening I went along to the theatre to watch the Festival entrants' stage-times. Each group gets 35 minutes in which to make sure their set works in the theatre and to set-up lights, sound and everything else they will need for their performance. It's a hectic and stressful time for the groups, especially their directors and tech crews. Ottershaw have their stage-time on Monday evening, so for half-an-hour or so I will switch from being a WDA person to an Ottershaw Players crew member.

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