Monday, 1 October 2007


I bought a packet of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles to munch on this afternoon.

There was a terrible disparity in the distribution of flavours. The packet contained:

7 black ones
4 orange
1 red
1 green
1 yellow

Now, I do like the black ones most of all, but a packet which is 50% black Fruit Pastilles is just too samey. The green ones are my joint favourites. I feel as if I’ve been swizzed twofold.

Firstly, the surfeit of black sweets means that I got a little bored of them. Then the disappointing scarcity of green chews made me feel let-down and robbed.

I’m going to write to Mr Rowntree and see what he says about this shameful state of affairs. Surely Rowntrees can do more to ensure a more even distribution of flavours (or "colours" as we sweetie experts call them) within each packet?

P.S. What do you mean, “running short of ideas”?


jomoore said...


I always seem to get more yellow and red than any others, because I like them least, but I've never actually counted. And last time it happened it was a bag of Jelly Babies.

How about Revels? Always far too many hard toffees and not enough coffee (yes, coffee!) creams!

D said...

Pete please also complain about the distribution in the fruit gums as they always seem to be dominated by 2 flavours these days rather than having a good spread. God we are both turning into Victor Meldrew - perhaps it is time for us to get out of IT and save ourselves.

Delmonti said...

Wasnt there a spin off tube of Fruit Pastilles that was all black ones?

I tend to find the sugar coating on FP's can scratch the roof of my mouth...... or perhaps thats just wear and tear

D said...

Pete Pastilles update

Black 8
Red 3
Orange 2
Green 1
Yellow 0

Something is going badly wrong at the sorting department