Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wilde? No, I'm Quite Relaxed Actually

Just a quick post today.

Ottershaw Players has chosen a play for our May 2008 slot in the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking, which I am going to direct.

The play is Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. I've started a blog for the production.

Choosing the play turned out to be a little difficult. I read the play recently and liked it a lot, but thought it might be too much of a light comedy (though that's not a genre I've tried before, so why not?!). I looked around for various alternate suggestions, including asking all my lovely NODA colleagues for their ideas.

Stoppard's On The Razzle cropped up as a choice from various places. I read the play and liked it a lot, though it will be more difficult to cast from our current membership. Ultimately, though, I just didn't connect with On The Razzle. It's a shame, as I'm sure it is a very funny play. But as an amateur director, one really has to feel a connection with a play to put it on.

I'm also determined to confound the expectations of those people who say that Lord Arthur is a slight piece of work. It's actually quite a dark comedy and I'll be looking for opportunities to raise our production above something which might be produced by "the pantomime crowd", as one acquaintance very neatly put it!

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