Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Blogger has been blocked by the firewall at my office. This is a pain because I spend my down-time (you know, coffee breaks, lunch, etc) writing and posting my entries. Not that I'd ever do that when I'm supposed to be working. Oh, no!

But now it's been blocked, I'm suddenly paranoid. Was I the reason that it's been blocked? Is it a local thing, inn our office only? Has someone noticed excessive traffic from my PC and blocked it, or is it a company-wide issue and the rule has been implemented world-wide?

In which case, I'm now even more paranoid! Did some techie over in Florida notice traffic from my PC and decide to block this non-work site? Or are there loads of bloggers in my company, using the same site? If so, who are they? And are they sitting at home posting paranoid ravings too?

It's also a bit of a pain. Blogspot addresses haven't been blocked completely. I can still read peoples' posts but I can't see their pictures and I am unable to add comments, unless they are hosted outside Blogger. So, when I read everyone's blog at my morning coffee break, I can no longer comment on them, unless I remember to log in at home later, bypassing Bloglines (which is my blog reader) and re-read and comment again.

Argh! The whole infrastructure of my blogging life is falling apart!

I'm even more worried that now I am restricted to blogging from home I may fall out of the habit of posting every day - a habit which I have managed to maintain fairly diligently for the past month or so.

I've got some ideas for posts which I can prepare in advance. Maybe this is a wake-up call to tell me to change the way in which I blog...

Or maybe I just need a job where I can surf the web as much as I like?


Allen said...

A long time ago at a former employer (no, not THAT one), I created an ssh tunnel from my work machine to an open port on my home machine. Ran a vnc session through that to see the Linux desktop of one of my personal machines. Did all of my surfing and news reading there.

That might not work so well for you though. If they're blocking Blogger, who knows what they would think of an outbound encrypted tunnel?

Delmonti said...

A good idea ther Mr Allen.... if a very techie one.... Linux? wasnt he the one with the blanket in Peanuts?

Anyhow, I get the drift, you could also try gotomypc.com. It's a citrix based "one click" access to your home PC from any web browser. That means you could logononto your machine at home from work, then blog away.....

except you wont cos gotomypc is more expensive than owning some mobile phones.... £12 a month! A MONTH I TELLS YA

D said...

Pete you mean you want to come back and work for us ?????????