Monday, 3 September 2007



On Saturday my Dad and I went on our now annual pilgrimage to the Goodwood Revival.

It's a fantastic day out - or 3 days if you've got money to burn. Lord March (son of the owner of most of West Sussex) invites loads of motor racing celebs and millions of pounds worth of classic motor racing cars and bikes down to his back garden. Luckily, he has one of the UK's fastest circuits near the potting shed.


Thousands of people turn up dressed in fashions of the era (1948 to 1966) to watch qualifying sessions and races for vehicles which reaced between those years. It's great fun to watch, especially the production saloon car race, which never fails to provide some spectacle. This year's was special as a MkII Jag lost its engine and most of its oil on the entry to the first bend of Lavant corner, where we had grandstand tickets. At least 6 cars pirhouetted across the track, each one to bigger cheers than the one before. Those who ended up knee-deep in gravel (like the vast, fast, but lumbering Ford Galaxies) received cheery rounds of applause, while the skillful (well, lucky) drivers who managed to stay on the track were cheered as if they had just won the F1 championship in a milk float.

Next year I really must make the effort to go along in costume. Any suggestions for something to wear?


Many, many more pictures available here...


Delmonti said...

Sue and her new family went, doubt they dressed up unless it was a swingers theme

Chris said...

You could dress in a similar fashion to Toad.