Wednesday, 17 October 2007

It's Not My Fault I'm Fat... Blame Society!

Now look - this report is absolutely ridiculous. People are now being told that it's not their own fault if they put on weight. Apparently the whole infrastructure of society is to blame for more people becoming obese.

What a load of crap! And I speak as someone who is overweight and could do with slimming down by a couple of stone, but I have no illusion that the reason I'm a bit lardy is all down to ME and me alone.

Now, it may be true that cheap and convenient food is more and more calorific. Yes, there are more labour-saving devices around. There are lots of ways that our lives are made more convenient. But all that does is give us excuses for bad lifestyles. None of the things mentioned in the report force us down that road!

I (and 99% of the population) have a choice:
Buy awful ready-meals/pizzas/burgers/kebabs OR buy lean meat/fish and fresh veg to steam at home (where the act of actually standing up and cooking will increase one's calorific output)?
Sit in front of the telly OR go out for a walk or a bike ride?
Drive to work OR walk to the train station?

Releasing stories to the press which appear to take the responsibility for peoples' health out of their own hands will have the effect of making the awkward and lazy hordes (of which I am one) even less likely to do anything about their lifestyles themselves. These Foresight people really have scored an own-goal.


D said...

So Pete swearing and an excuse for being fat in one week you must be thinking the world loves you at the moment - not that your really that fat.

Delmonti said...

Do you mind! I've been waiting years for my personalised excuse to come along, and you attempt to rubbish it immediately...

Being a white, working class, home owning, tax paying, middle aged English man I feel its about time I was given the chance to waste council money (well, what money they have left after building their new shinny offices) on poorly attended support groups run by a sympathetic but overly qualified social worker.

.... its always the reformed bloaters that are the most hurtful, (sob)....

I'm off to comfort eat now..... IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! (sob, sob...sniff....sob)

Delmonti said...

and whats with the Book of Dave? You know I'm sensitive about my name after what UKTV did to it.

Andrew said...

Personally, I feel embarrassed to buy healthy food in this obeseogenic society. The looks people give you when you buy a nice lettuce! I have to cover it up with five or six Stuffed Crust Meat Feast Four Cheese Deep Fried pizzas to avoid the shame! Oh what are we to do with this broken society? Won't somebody think of the children?!