Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Face Up To It

OK - I've done it. After all the months of saying I wouldn't, I've caved-in.

Yes, I joined Facebook. I feel a little bit ashamed and dirty, but also happy to be included in such a big club. And I've got 12 friends already! Is that good? Who knows. Does it matter? No, not really.

I think I'm regretting it already. One more place to update with interests and activities... Though if it leads me to making the one contact I need to find myself a new, worthwhile career, it will be worth it!


Delmonti said...

it is a dirty place.... I get the feeling its frequented by trendy people who look at the pictures in Vogue and drive drop-tops.

You can get your blog entries automatically imported into facebook, as well as your Flickr stuff.

D said...

Delmonti appears to know too much about this trendy place perhaps he looks at Vogue too ? Pete no doubt you'll bump into my kids on their the eldest is always on it.

jomoore said...

Everybody thinks it's a trendy place, but the people on there are people like us! We're squeezing out the kids and claiming it for ourselves!