Monday, 15 October 2007

Now What?

So the 2007 Woking Drama Festival has finished. Which is good as I've spent most of the past two weeks out of the house and away from My Lovely Young Wife, which is annoying as I ahd promised to spend the 2nd half of this year away from time-consuming drama-related activities to give us more time together and to allow us to do some decorating. Though, irritatingly, I was committed to the Festival before I made that promise.

Anywaysup. That's it for the Festival until, oh, spring 2008 when we start gearing-up for the 50th Woking Drama Festival, which will be bigger, better, stronger, faster than ever. So I guess I'll be busier than I was this year...

But, for now, I've got some free time again. Time to do those mundane things like shaving and showering which get forgotten when you're busy.

And we can have another bash at finishing the painting in the front room so we can make a start on the hallway and work our way up to the bedroom.

There are also the two spare rooms to organise and shelves to fit in our bedroom... But for the moment I just want a day or two of relaxing at home. Doing nothing. Eating healthily.

OK. So. What's around the corner to spoil this plan...?

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D said...

Decorating ? Does that mean the house warming party is going to happen soon ?