Monday, 22 October 2007


It's been a busy weekend. MLYW and I went off to Petworth at the weekend, staying in a Pullman carriage at an old railway station. A mixed experience; we were treated very well, and breakfast on both mornings was lovely, but the carriage we were in was a little cramped and cold for our liking, and especially for the price that the establishment charges.

Then again, it's a very popular place to stay and the owner was very receptive to our complaints and he promised to make it worth our while if we tried staying with them again. Which was nice.

One of the reasons for our discomfort wasn't the fault of the establishment - it was the couple in the next room (the other half of the coach) whose vigorous nighttime bonking maneouvres managed to make the entire carriage rock on its wheels and wake me up and even made me feel sea-sick. This happened on at least 4 occasions in one, so someone got even less sleep than us. The other guests were all eyed suspiciously as they arrived in the breakfast room; I was looking for signs of exhaustion, friction-burns and soppy grins, but in vain.

Saturday afternoon and evening saw us gathering with some friends at the wedding of our good chums Claire and David. It was a lovely, relaxed and informal occasion with some great personal touches which made it an excellent and very memorable occasion, so good luck to the happy couple as they embark on their married life together.

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